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Call Of The Canine is committed to providing cutting edge service to our clients. Therefore, we have revised the format of our Puppy Programmes: Start ‘Em Right and Teenage Transition. Each programme will now consist of 5 weeks plus an Orientation/Problem Resolution lecture. The lecture will be scheduled independently of the five week programmes so that you may attend the lecture when it is convenient to do so. This will give the flexibility of accessing valuable information and tips prior to the beginning of your class. Alternatively you may wait until you are progressing through your classes and address questions as they arise.

Maximum class size - 6 dogs

These programmes for dogs of all ages is designed to start with the basics, gradually working up to level 4, where you are working without a leash. Progression to the next level depends on successful completion of a skills evaluation.

Each level runs 5 weeks.

Maximum class size - 7 dogs

When you've learned the basics in a class setting, these programmes transition those lesson outside where there are lots of distractions. Learn how to become Street Smart with your dog.

Each programme runs 4 weeks.

We could all use a little more confidence at times. Dogs lacking confidence in situations can lead to some unpredictable and unwanted behaviour. If you and your dog could use a little help we have the programmes for you.

Workshops that help to address some of the most frequent relationship issues between us and our dogs.

You've mastered the basics, you and your dog are social butterflies, and now you're looking for that next class to spice things up.

We've got just the thing for you...

Enrollment limit varies per class; no more than 6 dogs however.

Drawn from a number of areas of training, including Agility, Scenting, Obedience and Tricks, this series of exercises has been designed to teach new fun skills that will increase your dog's mental focus and capacity to learn. Watch your dog master new mental skills!