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COVID-19 Update

Updated June 1, 2020

Please find our new COVID-19 Policy, which includes our anticipated start dates, at https://callofthecanine.com/index.php/home/privacy-policy

We've been working hard to reopen the school in a safe and strategic manner to ensure that the transition unfolds as smoothly as possible and we thank you once again for your continued patience and support during these unprecedented times.  We are currently compiling our returning clients' responses and will email them directly once their class is scheduled. New Classes and Puppy Playdates will be scheduled and posted online shortly thereafter.

Returning clients will need to sign our revised COTC General Waiver of Liability here prior to returning to Call of the Canine.  New clients will be asked to do so when they register for their class online.

We look forward to seeing you and your doggies again and to making new friends  :)


Updated May 19, 2020

In accordance with the Government of Ontario's framework for 'Reopening Ontario after COVID-19' we are currently working toward gradually reopening our facility, please stay tuned for details.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and support during this difficult time.


Updated March 17, 2020

Following today's (March 17, 2020) State of Emergency Declaration by the Government of Ontario, Call of the Canine is closing its facility effective immediately until further notice while we continue to monitor the situation. This means that ALL classes, puppy playdates, and doggy daycare are postponed. It is a difficult decision that was not made lightly. The safety of our clients and team is our top priority.

Payments & Credits

Please note that payments already received for classes that have not yet started will be applied toward a future class and that clients who are registered in a class that has started will be invited to make up the remaining lessons once the school re-opens. Any unused puppy playdate and doggy daycare credits will remain in your account.

In-Home Training & Behaviour Consultations

We will continue to offer private in-home training sessions and behaviour modification consultations as long as it is safe to do so. Please send a message using our Contact Us form at https://callofthecanine.com/index.php/contact-us if interested in booking an appointment. Should there be a higher demand than we are able to accommodate, priority will be given to puppy, teenage, and behaviour modification clients. Please see https://callofthecanine.com/index.php/classes-all/private-in-home for our rates.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

Cheryl Smith & Team

Please visit the Ottawa Public Health website for the latest information and updates related to COVID-19 symptoms, social distancing, self-isolation, and travel.

For information regarding the safety of our companion pets, please read the following article by Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM: COVID-19 AND COMPANION PETS.

Welcome to Call of the Canine

Located in the Colonnade Business Park our brand new facility offers classes, workshops, daycare and more in our 2500 sq/ft facility. We are very excited to be able to offer 2 classrooms, both with rubber flooring and air conditioning to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  Our rubber floors are no slip, making it safer for you and your dogs. 

Online Registration for classes and daycare is available through our Client Portal. You will see our partner Ferghus & Co when logging into the portal. Our classes are listed as Call of the Canine or COTC. Daycare is the Nepean Location.

There is parking at 48 Colonnade Road - Call of the Canine, however spaces are limited weekdays, additional parking is across the street at the park. (See the picture)

If you have any questions please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.


Daycare is re-opening June 3. We will be posting our revised policies that include procedures to ensure everyone is safe while we are still practicing social distancing. 

We are closing public registration for now and instead managing registrations ourselves. Below are some simple changes that we think will benefit everyone as well as a few reminders to keep operations running smoothly.

Our training centre...

  • Reception

  • Waiting area

  • Classroom B

  • Waiting area and Classroom B

  • Classroom A

  • Classroom A

    My Philosophy

    Cheryl Smith

    Animals have always been an integral part of my life. They have brought me joy by sharing their lives and wisdom and grief when they left all too soon. They loved me with a full heart and helped me in my journey to become a better human.

    I believe our animals choose us as much as we choose them. Each one has a lesson to teach. They also have their ‘journey’ to realize their purpose and potential. Every time we help them resolve an obstacle in fulfilling that purpose, we resolve one of our own. It creates a bond that cannot be duplicated and in some ways is stronger than most bonds we have with our fellow humans. When you look deeply into an animal’s eyes and you ‘connect’, it changes you forever in ways you cannot describe.

    A strong relationship is built on understanding and mutual respect for each other. I look forward to using my unique skills in helping every owner and their dog experience that special bond. To use the words of Chief Seattle … “For what is man without the beasts. If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected.” Let us be connected.

    Cheryl continues to explore innovative ways to increase her knowledge and remain at the forefront of canine behaviour. She is a graduate of Earning The Light program (8th Fire Inc.  https://www.the8thfire.com ) and currently continuing her training with Pete Bernard in The Way Of The Medicine Keeper.

    Puppy Package

    My puppy package is specifically designed to provide socialization for puppies who have not received adequate immunization to attend group classes.

    The optimum window for both inter-species and intra-species socialization begins to close by 17 weeks, my group of instructors will provide a comprehensive and practical protocol to ensure owners are able to expose their puppy safely to the variety of stimuli ( touch, sight, smell, auditory etc.) that will help them be comfortable in their environment.

    It will give your puppy the advantage of good social skills and manners prior to entering a group class.

    Behaviour Training

    Training techniques should be effective, humane and mutually respectful. Discipline should provide a framework of management and safety for both you and your dog. At Call Of The Canine, we follow this directive. We utilize a wide range of skills achieved over more than forty years of working with owners and their dogs. We continue to stay abreast of and in many ways ‘lead’ the search for better ways to enhance our relationship with our dogs.

    We specialize in problem resolution and replacing inappropriate behaviour that strains our relationship with family, community and our dog/s. Currently we provide individual programmes conducted in the owner’s home and off-site in the appropriate location for the training.


    Effective solutions for dogs with inappropriate behaviour directed to humans

    Based on dog and human friendly techniques that utilize the latest and most effective developments in canine cognition, this programme provides a comprehensive protocol to diminish and replace inappropriate behaviour directed towards humans inside and outside the home. On completion, you will have a better understanding of canine behaviour, what influences or triggers the behaviour and a variety of practical solutions and skills that will improve your dog’s social interaction with humans.

    Enrolment is restricted to four dogs.Training will include:

    • A two hour lecture (without your dog) on canine development and behaviour to help you set realistic and achievable goals throughout the programme.
    • Effective techniques to interrupt and/or prevent high arousal and chronic stress.
    • A variety of techniques to improve your dog’s tolerance to normal human social interaction inside and outside the home.
    • Training for reliable response to applied behaviour and obedience commands.

    Cost is $350+HST

    Clients wishing to participate in both the Canine Confidence and Canine Courtesy during the same series may purchase the Combination Package at $475.00 +HST


    Effective solutions for dogs displaying inappropriate behaviour directed towards other dogs

    Our dog’s behaviour is moulded by many factors including but not restricted to genetics, environment, age, health and social experience. This programme gives practical and effective techniques for increasing your dog’s social skills with other dogs.

    Enrolment is restricted to four dogs. Training will include:

    • A two hour lecture (without your dog) on canine behaviour to help you set realistic and achievable goals throughout the programme.
    • Understand the role of untimely human intervention in the development of aggressive behaviour with other dogs.
    • Effective techniques to interrupt and/or prevent high arousal and chronic stress.
    • A variety of techniques to improve your dog’s tolerance to normal human social interaction inside and outside the home.
    • Training for reliable response to applied behaviour and obedience commands.

    Cost is $350+HST

    Clients wishing to participate in both the Canine Confidence and Canine Courtesy during the same series may purchase the Combination Package at $475.00 +HST

    Register for classes, consultations, and Doggy Daycare

    Puppy Packs

    For ages 9-16 weeks
    Check our online registration calendar for upcoming start dates and to register for class.

    Life Skills

    4 Levels
    These programmes are designed to start with the basics, gradually working up to level 4, where you are working without a leash.

    Canine Workshops

    4 Classes
    Workshops that help to address some of the most frequent relationship issues between us and our dogs. Each programme runs 3 weeks.

    Just 4 Fun

    4 Classes

    You've mastered the basics, you and your dog are social butterflies, and now you're looking for that next class to spice things up.

    Agility, Rally 'O'bedience, Dance & CCGC, we've got the class for you.

    Street Smarts

    2 Levels

    When you've learned the basics in a class setting, these programmes transition those lesson outside where there are lots of distractions. Learn how to become Street Smart with your dog.

    Behaviour Modification

    3 Classes

    We could all use a little more confidence at times. Dogs lacking confidence in situations can lead to some unpredictable and unwanted behaviour. If you and your dog could use a little help we have the programmes for you.

    Pass for clients attending daycare, or the puppy play groups are now available through our Client Portal. 

    Our client portal allows you to:

    • see what classes/services you have booked for your dog
    • purchase daycare passes and book daycare appointments
    • purchase FLEXpasses, Greenfees & Memberships for use with our amenities
    • Add, change & update your personal information and the dog(s) associated with you
    • Maintain vaccination records for your dog(s)
    • Check your account balance, the status of your passes, pay invoices using the secure, PayPal network (you do not require a PayPal account to use this feature)

    What our clients are saying on Facebook

    A caring place with trained and knowledgeable staff. Not being a big-box training place or daycare, there is proper space for the dogs and highly qualified people working with them.

    Posted by Deejay Smit on Monday, July 29, 2019

    I am excited to have Cheryl in my life to help guide me with my new puppy. I was fortunate to find her 15 yrs ago to...

    Posted by Andrea Macknofsky on Sunday, April 7, 2019

    Cheryl helped us so much with our mini goldendoodle who has separation anxiety. She has so much knowledge and was always available for follow-ups when we needed her. I can't recommend her enough.

    Posted by Stephanie Palma on Friday, May 10, 2019

    Cheryl Smith is amazing dealing with my two Great Danes. She sure has her way to get them cooperating in a very kind gentle way!

    Posted by Caren Weinstein on Thursday, May 2, 2019

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