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Social Programmes for Puppies

Start your puppy off right!

Puppies move rapidly through several key developmental stages. Finding safe, well managed options to understand & capitalize on training opportunities during the socialization & ranking stages as well as understanding and developing bite inhibition and impulse control early in life will help to provide a solid foundation for future training. Our Social Development Programmes include exposure to children, dogs, people, objects.


This play programme is open to healthy puppies aged 8 to 14 weeks on the first day of class.

This programme is designed to capitalize on early learning opportunities that are specific to the socialization phase of puppy development. Off leash puppy play with invaluable coaching from our instructors will teach handlers how to correctly interpret body language, appropriate play interactions, greetings, and proper handling in multi-dog situations. Each class builds on the previous class so daily practice and reinforcement of lessons is necessary for optimum results.

** Participants MUST have received their first set of puppy vaccinations and a deworming a minimum of 1 week BEFORE  attending this class. **

$140 +HST for 4 weeks, 45 minute sessions


This play programme is open to healthy puppies aged 15 to 19 weeks on the first day of class.

Designed to prepare you for the fast approaching changes in your puppy’s play style as it approaches adolescence. Handlers will learn to understand play and physical cues between dogs, proper handling, and intervention during play. This class is mostly off leash.

** Participants MUST provide proof of up to date puppy vaccinations to attend this class. **

$140 +HST for 4 weeks, 45 minute sessions

Puppy Classes

Call Of The Canine is committed to providing cutting edge service to our clients. Therefore, we have revised the format of our Puppy Programmes: Start ‘Em Right and Teenage Transition. Each programme will now consist of 5 weeks plus an Orientation/Problem Resolution lecture. The lecture will be scheduled independently of the five week programmes so that you may attend the lecture when it is convenient to do so. This will give the flexibility of accessing valuable information and tips prior to the beginning of your class. Alternatively you may wait until you are progressing through your classes.

Start 'Em Right!

Puppies develop rapidly and it is important to create safe and positive experiences for your puppy during their critical developmental windows. Our skilled instructors will provide practical and effective techniques for integrating your puppy smoothly into your home and the community. Off-leash play will reinforce strong social skills with other dogs so that you can fully enjoy seeing your puppy develop and thrive in its environment. We introduce our famous ‘Gentle’ cue to interrupt normal puppy biting behaviour. You will learn effective ways to communicate with your puppy so that they can learn the necessary skills for a long and happy life. The strong foundational skills will be crucial for the adolescent to come.

$189 +HST

Teenage Transition

Your puppy’s natural desire to expand its social circle and explore begins to close when they reach puberty at 17 weeks of age. You will develop practical skills to prepare you for the rapid onset of adolescence and the subsequent developmental phases that strongly affect your dog’s behaviour. We continue to strengthen good social behaviour throughout this transition from Puppy to Adolescent. Good leash manners, respect for personal space and Recall from play are emphasized.

$189 +HST