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Debra MacPherson

Scent Tracking Instructor

Debra started training her first Doberman in 1985 in Obedience and has since expanded her canine activities to include titling in Agility, Rally O’bedience, Sprint, Chase Ability, Barn Hunt, Tricks and Scent Detection with a number of dogs, her own Dobes, Irish Wolfhound, mixed breed, Rotties and Cardigan Welsh Corgis as well as “borrowed” dogs - an English Cocker Spaniel and Cairn Terrier.

Debra and her dogs began training in Scent Detection in 2013 when the sport was first introduced in Canada (SDDA). The human/dog team competed in both the Sport Detection Dogs Association (SDDA) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and won many titles some rated excellent. Debra started instructing after completing an apprenticeship program.In addition to competing and instructing Scent Detection, Debra is also a qualified Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) evaluator and a CKC Scent Detection Judge.Debra says: “We’re really fortunate to have so many opportunities to train and trial within a short drive of us. Take advantage of the many opportunities there are in this area and have fun with your dog. If you’re not both having fun, what’s the point?"