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Level 1

Please note, we have revised the format of our Life Skills Programme. Each programme will now consist of 5 weeks in class with your dog, as well Life Skills One also includes an Orientation/Problem Resolution lecture. The lecture will be scheduled independently of the five week programme so that you may attend the lecture when it is convenient to do so. This will give the flexibility of accessing valuable information and tips prior to the beginning of your class. Alternatively you may wait until you are progressing through your classes and address questions as they arise.

The lecture is for owners and handlers only.

The programme will provide a reliable response to basic obedience cues and life skills that enable appropriate social interaction with humans and other dogs.

  • Foundation exercises to improve focus for better learning include voluntary ‘check in’ , targeting and body awareness
  • Body Position Cues: Sit, Down and Stand
  • Reliable Recall
  • Enjoyable Leash Walking

Class Information

Cost: $189 + HST
Max. Class Size: 4
Total Sessions: 5
Recommended Age: 20 Weeks or older
Location: Call of the Canine