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Based on dog and human friendly techniques that utilize the latest and most effective developments in canine cognition, this programme provides a comprehensive protocol to diminish and replace inappropriate behaviour directed towards humans inside and outside the home.

On completion, you will have a better understanding of canine behaviour, what influences or triggers the behaviour and a variety of practical solutions and skills that will improve your dog’s social interaction with humans.

Training will include:

  • A two hour lecture (without your dog) on canine development and behaviour to help you set realistic and achievable goals throughout the programme.
  • A variety of effective techniques to interrupt and/or prevent high arousal and chronic stress as well as improve your dog’s tolerance to normal human social interaction inside and outside the home
  • Training for reliable response to applied behaviour and obedience commands

Class Information

Cost: $400
Max. Class Size: 4
Total Sessions: 6
Recommended Age: 20 weeks +